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Dariana Moreira is the founder of Dari Luna. With over 500 client success stories, she is an intuitive and mindfulness teacher with more than five years of professional experience. The purpose of her work is to help humans regain their self-confidence and find fulfillment in their lives again.

In addition to being a licensed spiritual practitioner, she is also accredited wellbeing, somatic, and mindfulness coach. She is certified in both Neuro-Linguistic Programming and non-violence communication.

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We help you connect with your intuition and transform paralyzing self-doubt into purpose and freedom, for good.

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Success Stories

Renata McElvaney

I’m so touched by Dariana’s attention to detail. I received 10x the value of being in this Mastermind just with this audio alone. In the past, I would have stayed in this confusing mindset for months. And, now I can keep swimming even when obstacles come my way. Dari, you are definitely a beautiful soul and a natural coach! One of my favorite aspects of being in the Mastermind is having fellow creative women be my sounding board. Being able to share ideas and ask for feedback from other women like myself was extremely useful. I also like the way my goal was so easily organized and how simple it is to share my progress and get feedback. Dari’s guidance is priceless. She made the group extremely valuable. After participating in the Mastermind, I have gained the confidence to set more definite monthly goals with clear steps to achieve them. I also have learned a lot of practical steps to organize my business and personal life. I feel more satisfied with the progress I’m making with both my life and creative work.

Ariadna Guerrero

Después de participar en el taller “Cómo manifestar usando tu intuición”, Me siento más conectada a mi misma y a la oportunidad de crecimiento emocional. La energía que se sintió de este grupo de mujeres tan especial! Me encantaría repetir la experiencia y continuar creciendo y aprendiendo de Dari!”

Ale Modarelli

I’ve learned that I can create anything I want, just need to choose the correct tools for each goal I decide to focus on, and work on it, respecting my own cycles. I’ve known my own manifesting power! I feel the Mastermind as a big group of women teaching each other. It’s not only about Dari, there also are creative and powerful women putting their efforts on creating meaningful lives and opening their hearts to each other, without fears or masks. True people sharing from their hearts and opened to receive advices, guide, and any tool which can help them to create. I love the Mastermind and will recommend it always, because it truly changed my life on the best possible moment. I’m very satisfied with the mastermind. I feel it helped me a lot while I needed it, to put goals and focus on them. I would definitely recommend it to others. I wouldn’t change anything about it, it’s perfect the way it is and I’ve learned a lot. Love it!

Daniela Morales

Dari es una persona con una luz enorme y cada palabra que dice lo es. Hace mucho siento ese algo dentro de mi llamado intuición que me dice que siga con mis sueños y todo estará bien, lo más hermoso fue encontrar a personas que también la escuchan y escucharlas, saber que en efecto si haces las cosas con el corazón todo estará bien.

Julz Nally

My favorite part of Dari’s mastermind was Dari. Since I met Dari last year, I have loved all that she has shared with an open and honest heart. Her passion for life and the energy that she putting into anything that she puts her mind to comes thru in all that she does. I appreciate her honesty that she brings to her coaching clients, her artwork and her processes. I appreciated learning about Dari’s processes for staying organized and I have really enjoyed using the tools that I learned in the Mastermind in various areas of my life. When taking the mastermind course, I enjoyed the support throughout each week from Dari and the other girls in the group. Dari noticed patterns where I get stuck and coached me along to keep me on track to meeting my goal for the month. I have looked back to that coaching and I’m now able to recognize those patterns and be nicer to myself when it happens and keep going! Since participating in the mastermind, I have gotten more organized and I have been sending out my work more regularly to potential clients. I’m looking forward to taking another mastermind in the future and I would highly recommend it to others looking for accountability. Thanks Dari!! You have opened my eyes to the new world of organizing digitally [batching] and I am loving it! I am seeing so much time already being saved 😉

Linda Garcia

I liked the community setting, it felt like we were all efforting towards something in common although all goals were distinct we were still working towards achieving new heights in May. Dari, was able to coach me into a space that was completely unexpected. I have gone down the rabbit hole and I am currently submerged in a coaching school pertaining finances, I would have never done this had it not been for the experience that Dari provided. Aside for being extremely grateful in the participation of last months mastermind, I would like to add that Dari has a real gift for guidance in helping women find their true potential.