Snake Enamel Pin


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Wear the “Snake” totem pin as an amulet to remind you of your creative power. Reminding us to always put creativity over consumption and to keep putting our ideas into action. There isn’t growth or wellbeing without the creative process.

This pin is part of my “Totems of Bliss” collection. You can purchase the set here. Each pin in this set represents an essential way in which we bring meaning and fulfillment into our lives. They are amulets that will help you bring your attention back to what’s important in your everyday life.

LOVE, MUSIC, and CREATIVITY: These three energies complement and enhance one another.




  • 1″ h x 1.5″ w pin
  • Hard enamel pin
  • Gold Polished Metal
  • 2 rubber clutches
  • Plastic protective bag and backing card

I invite you to wear this pin near your sacral chakra. On your purse ( if it hangs at your hip level) or near your pockets or belt.

Each pin was charged with uplifting moon energy during a full moon night.