Dear Mujer Creadora!

You are a beautiful, unconventional, creative entrepreneur woman, always nurturing your artistic and spiritual soul. Sometimes, however, life gets very distracting and overwhelming. It’s challenging to focus and figure out the next step on our path without inner spiritual work, outer perspective and accountability. But the world is moving fast, you need to make money, and so you keep feeding the endless cycle of exchanging money for services without purposefully and deliberately creating your vision.

The thing is—we all become bogged down by unconscious fears and beliefs. We know we have them, yet we can’t seem to get past them when it's time to take action. Not to mention all the things that need to get done in our business and personal life on a daily basis, plus the many shiny entrepreneurial options, services and products calling out our names.

The result: what once was a focused vision becomes blurry and uncertain (this keeps happening at all levels of our path, it's an ever evolving process and never a destination). And worse yet (in some cases) deep down you know that what you are investing your energy on isn't an authentic reflection of you, it's not aligning with your deep values and principles because you aren't sure about what those are yet or because it takes confronting your fears when it's time to say "no" to what's not aligning with your brand.

I can truly relate to that overwhelming feeling, because I too spent many years casting about for solutions. I tried many different methods, and of course— made business moves before I was ready. In retrospect I was confused, scared to say no to whatever offered an income. I thought that if I kept going a new successful path would reveal itself, somehow.



Have you been having these kind of thought? Maybe you have been sharing similar problems in your recent conversations?







Digging out fears:

Some people call this shadow work. We won't dwell in the dark areas of your path, but we'll definitely discover them and bring awareness to them. And more importantly, we will work on healing your subconscious fears. I will provide you with the exercises, guidance and awareness needed. Ultimately, each successful healing process takes you closer to your dreams and to a more meaningful life. Yet it requires strong habit-building skills on your part. This is a very important part of my process, because this the most hidden obstacle to creating a fulfilled life and career.

Hands-on Sessions:

These are sessions where we will be working through a worksheet or exercise together. These sessions are key for process and system implementation. The subject matter can be technical or spiritual. I select the time and subject of these sessions based on the organic flow of your evolution throughout our work together.


You should definitely expect strong accountability energy from me. I set up a Trello board and provide you with instructions on how to use it. Our Trello board is our control center. All the magic that we make together is documented there. Your mission, assignments, processes, feedback, recorded sessions, worksheets, work reference library, feelings and so on. It's important to note that sometimes revealing brainstorming processes and even "aha" moments happen inside our Trello board. That is because it serves as the structure that holds our whole journey together, and as a mediator for intangible aspects of our process too.

Breaking Down:

Another key part of my sessions is the breaking down process. It is how I simplify and clarify the vision. Everything we process together is broken down into bitable sizes. Dreams, goals, projects, deadlines, roadmaps, feelings, systems, methods, processes, fears, procedures, steps and so on. I have different methods to do this but mainly this happens through conversation and organizing information simultaneously. I would say this process is the one that feels the most accelerating. We do it often and regularly. It isn't a one-time thing.

General approach:

I commit 100% to your evolution, and I believe that our work together is always mutually beneficial. My job is to help you discern and listen to your inner voice, to co-create with you and to incentivize self-discovery by provoking open-ended questions, heart-centered practices and mindful accountability and habit building.



The Prelude Session: This is how we meet for the first time. (2 hour Session)


Our first hour will feel like I already know you, because you have taken the time to do some inner-work with a pre-session questionnaire I’ll send you in advance. During the first hour I want to talk about your wildest dreams, your "wants" and vision.  We’ll take the time to chat about what seems to be hindering or preventing you from moving forward. We'll talk about your current habits and rituals, values and believes.

The second hour of this session is where the growth, unfolding, expansion and progress starts to happen. I evaluate all components you shared with me (including the vibrational ones) and provide thoughts, illuminating ideas, practical and intuitive tools, broader perspective, possibility consciousness and clear direction. It all unfolds organically. Once we spend this time together we can have a clear path ahead.

After the session I‘ll email you the audio of our conversation and a written roadmap vision. This roadmap looks like a recipe that contains a unique combination of action steps, suggested practices. I call this the “Creative Mystic Roadmap”.

From here we can continue working together choosing one of two options:

1 | Committing to six monthly growth sessions (6 months). "Mystic Roadmap Program" You will pay monthly $350 subscription based.

2 | Taking the suggestion action steps on your own and purchasing a growth session when ever you need it. $375 stand alone session.



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The Growth Sessions:  This is how we meet after our Prelude Session*. (1.5 hour Session)

Growth Sessions reveal themselves in the following two forms according to our needs:


Accountability session: This is our bread and butter session. We come together to talk about priorities, brainstorming, planning, problem solving, options, and so on. We also use these sessions to review assignments, new work, the results of past decisions or the details of a current work process.

Hands on Session: These are the sessions where we practice a particular movement of energy together. We learn a new tool, or I walk you through an exercise that is complemented with a worksheet. These are vital sessions because they give you new tools that will become the substance of your growth.

After the session I‘ll email you the audio of our conversation and a written roadmap vision. If this is just a single session this roadmap will look like a recipe that contains a unique combination of action steps and suggested practices. If we are working in a consecutive 6 month Mystic road map program then all information post session will be posted inside our control center trello board.



* Prerequisite: Prelude Session

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1 | I’ve been wanting to work on specific areas of my business. How do I know if you cover them on your coaching sessions?

In order to treat a specific area of your business there will always be inner-work to do first, because I want to go always to the root of the problem. So the answer is Yes! I cover it yet the way I deliver it involves inner-work. There are tons of “how-to classes” and helpful “step-by-step” guides out there. If you are having a hard time manifesting results or taking action even though you have all the information needed for the task, it most likely has to do with something that needs to shift internally within you. My coaching sessions are my offerings to guide you through that change.

For example: let’s say you are having problems marketing yourself, and you need help figuring out a marketing strategy. Parallel to the action plan we’ll work on together, we’ll also dig deep into the unseen aspect of who you are in relation to the actions that need to be taken. Such as energy management, resistance to habit building, sabotaging yourself when it comes time to put yourself out there and so on. My guidance through new habit implementation, worksheet practices, profound dialogue, rituals, breakthroughs and so on will reveal anything that can be hindering your growth.

If you are looking to go straight to the how-to, I suggest you check my resource list first. I can send it to you, let me know here or purchase an Eyeopener Recorded Session (above). Especially if you are considering any of the following themes:

2 | Can I schedule an hour session with you to pick your brain?

Yes, I would love that. I price them at $175 and you can request here

3 | Do you do Portfolio Reviews?

I recommend a "Pick my Brain" session for that. I also suggest checking my resource list, email me here. If we work through a Prelude Session and  Growth Sessions thereafter we'll work on an action plan and broad inner work plan that will include your portfolio if that is relevant to your vision and goal.





My mission is to help creative women transform their fears into a meaningful and fulfilled existence. My coaching sessions are essential to my mission. Through inner guidance, mindful tools, habit building and inspired action we can experience a successful creative business and life lived to the fullest!

How can we stay focused on our vision, grow and learn, own/build a profitable creative business and enjoy the process while feeling balanced in our life? I created my sessions as an answer to this question.

In order to begin helping others, I first had to learn to help myself. I went from being addicted to junk food to eating healthier and then becoming a self-taught vegan who sporadically takes on phases of eating only raw foods. I also self-healed a physical illness during my eating habit transformation process. After dealing with bad money management habits for many years and accumulating $25,000 in debt, I now live a healthy financial life that is 100% debt-free.

I manifested a mindful and fulfilling love relationship by setting boundaries and letting go of relationships that were sabotaging me and not serving us any longer. I quit smoking after smoking for 6 consecutive years (started when I was 15 years old) and often consuming 2 packs a day.

I created a life doing what I love: one that revolves around service, joy and peace of mind. I live a life that I love 100% and give myself time for what fulfills me and helps me evolve. That, to me, is what success means. My hope is to hold a mindful space for you so that you can create what success means to you.

I have lead meditation groups, conducted workshops, participated in panels and given talks at conferences such as We All Grow, Hispanicize, Latism, Blogalicious, Niche Parents and more. I have done personal transformative work on accountability, how food affects our creativity, habit building, and the destructive powers of complaining. I've been formally coaching since 2015. I hold credentials as a crisis intervention advocate and Non-violence communication agent through the “Peace over Violence” Organization in LA. I hold a BA in Advertising and Marketing from my hometown of Caracas, Venezuela (ISUM).

I have worked in the stationery and gift industry for 10 years as a lead designer. I have years of experience as a licensing trade show exhibitor and as an independent creative business owner.