I am an artist and a mindful creative guide.

D△RI L☾N△ is an extension of me. It’s a place that holds what makes me feel most alive!

I’ve devoted most of my life to exploring art, through countless different expressions. For the last 10 years or so, I’ve been in love with design and illustration. I’ve also devoted much of my time and energy to studying self-awareness and to cultivating a meaningful spiritual practice. I truly believe that as long as we are alive, we are creative beings.



For me, it's essential to honor my creativity. When I do, my life feels meaningful. Fulfillment comes from following my curiosity, exercising my ideas, seeking out experiences beyond my comfort zone and creating a body of work that takes me closer to my higher self.

I feel alive when I combine my creative soul with my entrepreneurial soul. To me, balance means that soulful intentions are paired with discipline and healthy habits. I love witnessing growth. I love beholding courage as it rises above the resistance that develops during the creative process.

I believe the creative process is a strong healing force, because it's the limitless source that we are made of.

I’m a teacher, a student, and everything in between—a very motivated “work in progress” brave Latina transforming average life into a meaningful vida and talking about it out loud.

I enjoy sharing my tools, insights and stories. It is vital for me to experience my creative truth and reflect my way of growing to the world. To feel inspired and inspire others on the same path. To be an eternal student and intuition-follower.

Other things I love: deep conversations, nature, solitude, intimacy, connection, cats, speaking Spanish, creating things from scratch, plant-based food, salsa dancing, the moon, habit-building, spirituality, running and drinking smoothies.

Let’s get to know each other better. Email me anytime!