Dear Creative Amiga,

You have been working alone on your business and projects. There are so many things to track and new heights to be reached on the journey to your DREAMS! But, there is a problem, we really aren’t meant to grow alone. Together is ten times better! When we don’t have a strong support it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed, get distracted and fall off the healthy habits wagon.

CWM is an intentional virtual circle where you can find inspiration and the motivation to create a meaningful life through the combination of intuitive brainstorming, powerful content, soul accountability and personalized support (from me and the community) while walking the journey toward your vision. It’s a beautiful spiritual and powerful community!

How it works

we learn, grow, fall and expand together

Get Setup

When you sign-up you get a quick tutorial to help you set-up your profile on our month board. It's super easy!

Choose a Goal

Chose a goal for the month. If you need help I'd love to assist you in choosing your goal.

Break it down

Break your goal into weekly tasks. You will receive feedback from me or if needed I’ll help you breakdown.

Action + Review

We report our progress weekly. We start walking our journey together. Real connection and community.


Dari, was able to coach me into a space that was completely unexpected. I have gone down the rabbit hole and I am currently submerged in a coaching school pertaining finances, I would have never done this had it not been for the experience that Dari provided.

Linda Garcia | Pranic Healer and Podcaster

The Mastermind helped me to articulate thoughts and feelings that I did not quite know what to do with them or make out of them. With Dari’s approach of gentleness, kindness and generous spirit, I was able to acknowledge, accept and ‘be with’ my negative emotions, particularly my anxieties. With that acceptance I was able to even make my anxiety into a catalyst for my creativity.

Melanie Gooi | Artist

I really liked the whole experience, the support and ideas based on your plan and your progress was very helpful, sharing with other people what you want to accomplish is very powerful, it gives you the practice to organize your ideas and communicate them, that is a very strong skills I want to develop more and make it part of my life. I think that the path of success is not only sharing your accomplishments but to create routines, discipline, and take action every day, this group helps you to do that.

Johana Toro | Artist and Civil Engineer

My favorite part of Dari's mastermind was Dari. Since I met Dari last year, I have loved all that she has shared with an open and honest heart. Her passion for life and the energy that she putting into anything that she puts her mind to comes thru in all that she does. I appreciate her honesty that she brings to her coaching clients, her artwork and her processes. I appreciated learning about Dari's processes for staying organized and I have really enjoyed using the tools that I learned in the Mastermind in various areas of my life.

Julz Nally | Artist and Illustrator

I am very happy with my results as I needed a jumpstart. Dari helped me focus on the "now" and concentrate on one goal at a time. For me these 2 months were valuable in learning more about my style but also which direction I’d like to take my art in. I’ve created more art in these 2 months then ever before. To have friends and family see the difference in what I’m doing is very satisfying and encouraging. Dari’s support and encouragement throughout the program is invaluable.

Manni Singh | Artist and Illustrator

Dari took me as I am. Messy, unorganized but full of wanting to get my goal accomplished. She pushed me when I needed by sharing just the right insight when I thought that I had lost my way. If she hadn't been there for me at that low point last month, I would have stayed put and not moved forward. I would have allowed my fears to consume me. She gently guided. She inspired. She walks the walk and gets in the trenches. I can't thank her and her team enough and am so grateful to have had this opportunity!

Myra Romano | Artist and Illustrator

One of the things I liked best about the mastermind is being able to meet other creatives and read about their goals. It kept me inspired. Since finishing the mastermind, I do actually push myself to finish projects, even while I was traveling, and I learned great techniques about productivity and organizing tasks.

Elba Valverde | Lifestyle Blogger

As someone who hates to let others down, this Mastermind really helped me stay on task. Normally when I’m working on a personal project that involves fear or resistance, it’s all too easy to let it drop and cut myself a break. However, knowing that I’d have to report to the group every week -- and that I’d invested in the Mastermind for the month - kept me from dropping the ball! I was overjoyed when I completed my project (I redid my website). What a great feeling! I’ll definitely participate again when I have a sticky project that I need support to stick with!

Kathy Cornwell | Writer and Editor

I liked have accountability. It was also great to have Dari help dig in deeper. She really listened and showed up. She heard me and my needs and she took it a step deeper. She really helped me accomplish my goals and I feel forever grateful to her!

Bernie Dickson | Photographer and Designer

What to expect

a new group of friends that strongly cares about you


  • Non-judgemental and empathetic weekly feedback on your journey reports
  • Powerful self-awareness and gold nudges from documenting and interweaving your revelations with the community
  • Brainstorming and support with like minded creative women. Sisterhood energy and opportunity to build friendships
  • Change course on your goal when need it guilt free. Most of us quit instead of re-adjusting our goal
  • Learn new systems, tools, skills, spiritual and creative approaches to your life and business
  • Feeling inspired, connected and motivated toward your goals. Even during the time that it wears off
  • Opportunity of individualized written or recorded coaching guidance from me

One of my favorite aspects of being in the Mastermind is having fellow creative women be my sounding board. Being able to share ideas and ask for feedback from other women like myself was extremely useful.  I also like the way my goal was so easily organized and how simple it is to share my progress and get feedback. Dari's guidance is priceless. She made the group extremely valuable.

Renata McElvaney | Lettering Artist and Illustrator

The mastermind has been a supportive space for me to develop a structure around growing healthy creative habits that I believe will serve me as an artist in the long term. I received support not only in terms of structure, but also in terms of perspective especially with negative emotions that have blocked building creative habits in the past. Dari helped me to be more aware and to be more accepting and with that change could happen for me.

Melanie Gooi | Artist

The best results I saw was my commitment to take action, I was able to create a schedule and follow it, I saw some improvements on my daily routine, like sleeping schedule, consistent in meditation, time organization and time for rest. I also kept enough excitement to keep going further next month.

Johana Toro | Artist and Civil Engineer

After participating in the Mastermind, I have gained the confidence to set more definite monthly goals with clear steps to achieve them.  I also have learned a lot of practical steps to organize my business and personal life. I'm feel more satisfied with the progress I'm making with both my life and creative work.

Renata McElvaney | Lettering Artist and Illustrator

The way that Dari organizes and shares information is so eye-opening and teaching. She uses a trello board, which I had always wanted to try but really didn't understand. She made spectacular videos to accomplish an ease of keeping things straight. Dari shares invaluable behind the scenes look into her personal life ie health, fitness and friendships, how integral these things are to be part of a balance. She shares in-depth looks into her business and shows you that a lot of what you are dealing with right then, so is she. She takes the road and helps guide.

Linda Garcia | Pranic Healer and Podcaster

This Mastermind has been critical to getting this done this month: I really needed a sense of urgency, a deadline, and a feeling of public accountability and (gentle) public scrutiny. It worked!

Kathy Cornwell | Writer and Editor

Thank you so much Dari for your kind and gentle support. I enjoyed your non-judgmental and empathetic approach to support me and it has done wonders to draw the introverted side of me out of my usual comfort zone.

Melanie Gooi | Artist

Thanks Dari!! You have opened my eyes to the new world of organizing digitally and I am loving it! I am seeing so much time already being saved ;)

Julz Nally | Artist and Illustrator

Do you have questions?

What’s a mastermind, is it a class?

It's not a class, the CWM is a virtual space where we gather for the purpose of staying accountable on our intentions and goals. To create a supportive community. To learn, brainstorm ideas, and receive suggestions and guidance throughout our creative journal.

Writers, photographers, coaches, bloggers, self-employed and any women regardless of their current job or situation are welcome.

Is this group for artists, designer and illustrators only?

No this group is for any creative woman entrepreneur (or with an entrepreneur soul) that needs support staying focused and inspired on her vision/goals through out the month.

Writers, photographers, coaches, bloggers, self-employed and any women regardless of their current job or situation are welcome.

How does the subscription work?

The subscription will be withdrawn from your bank account every month. You can cancel at anytime.

What happens after I pay?

You get a welcome email and access to our platform. You start setting up your space inside the board using a tutorial we made for you. As soon as you get set-up we’ll be able to communicate from then on using the CWM platform.

What happens if I don't report one week?

Please make sure you are able to report. I encourage you to report specially when things don't go as planned (if that is the case). Reporting is always better than not reporting at all. When you report weekly you will get my feedback. You will be amazed at the power of reflecting regularly on your journey. If an emergency happens or if last minute life events stop you from reporting, we understand. Please let me know as soon as you are able to.

Can I ask you questions directly inside the mastermind?

Yes, once a week I come inside the mastermind to answer questions, within our community Trello board.

Will I have access to the content and what I learned if I discontinue the subscription?

You are encouraged to save all your progress before you cancel the subscription. Once you have canceled you won't have access to the boards.

Should I still join the mastermind if I'm traveling this month?

Yes, you can still join us if you are planning to work or take action on your goal while traveling and you know you'll have access to the internet. If you are going on vacation and you are hoping to disconnect we suggest you wait for the next month's mastermind. If you are already subscribed you’ll be able process all the content when you are back.

What’s the difference between the mastermind and your coaching sessions?

During a one-on-one coaching session I craft with you a clear roadmap plan according to your life and business vision. I help you in all stages of your creative evolution and most of all I help you create personalized systems that you will be able to replicate as we grow together. In our first session, I dedicate an hour before our session to go through your life situation. Then 2 hours on a one-on-one call with you and then I give you a detailed roadmap to follow specifically for you!

The mastermind is all about staying accountable and inspired on the goals that you already have and bring to the table every month. In the mastermind you get personalized attention based on your current monthly goals and journey. You receive it in the form of a group recording or a written message.

The Mastermind group is support on the go for what you are currently working on. Coaching is a look into your business/personal life to find the best expansion way from scratch.

What type of goal do I need to choose to be part of the mastermind?

It’s important to focus only on one goal, you can work with other goals at the same time but in the mastermind we’ll be reporting only on one specific goal. No goal is too big or too small, it can be a habit building goal or specific steps to generate a tangible result. Some examples are: paying debt, creating more art, building a website, writing a book, decluttering, organizing an specific area of your life, implementing a new habit, systemizing an area of your business, creating more intimacy in your relationships, working on a specific project, and so on. We can help you choose and/or breakdown your goal anytime.

How soon would I start seeing results?

As soon as you progress within the group and start taking action on your weekly plan.

What happens if I start in the middle of the month?

I encourage you to sign up anytime of the month because the sooner you start the better. Once you are in you will get inspired with what everyone else is working on. You will setup your goal and break it down for the next 2 or 3 weeks or so. Since we are all working on different things you’ll see how it’s all about community not competition.

How long is the Mastermind?

The mastermind is an ongoing subscription that never ends. You can start participating in this group at any point during the month.

Is the Mastermind a special class of one day?

It’s easy to confuse a Masterclass with a Mastermind group.

I host an ongoing Mastermind group, in there we all work on our goals and you get individualized attention from me and the other participants. You can try it out and cancel at any time.

Do I have to wait for every first of the month to register for the Mastermind?

Not at all, you can subscribe to our group at any time of the month. It’s important to start working consistently and intentionally on your creative dreams now, don’t wait until the time is right.

Also if you find yourself waiting until you are less busy or less overwhelmed, I would take that as a sign to start now.

Is the Mastermind a Facebook group?

We don’t have a Facebook group as part of this mastermind because I think the way FB groups are setup isn’t conducive to really integrating all members. We use a platform called Trello. There the feed is vertical, it grows from left to right versus FB which is horizontal and piles up.

Also in the long run FB is more distracting of our purpose than any other platform.

What happens if I subscribe on the last day of the month?

If you subscribe the last day of the month, the beginning or the middle of the month, you get started the same way. Selecting your goal for the next 4 weeks and breaking your goal down into weekly actions for the next two weeks. I’ll help you with all that.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Totally! If you are paying month to month know there will be no refunds. If you have an annual subscription we refund you ($250) within 30 days of your subscription. If you are going on vacation you have the option to not report those days and we'll hold the space for you as well. If you are locked in a special rate and cancel your subscription you will lose your current rate for a future subscription.

Do I have to have a lot of free time to be part of the mastermind?

You will check-in weekly to give us your progress. Based on that report you get personalized audio feedback from me. I would say minimum you log in once a week and spend an hour average in the group. The idea is that this circle doesn't add another task to your day but that you can spend as much time here as you have available.

How do I know what's the perfect goal to work on with the Mastermind?

Most likely you have lots of things going on and it's challenging to prioritize them. They all seem important if not urgent. Or they might all feel not important enough.

In a very organic way I'll help you prioritize and organize your situation. Based on this process, I'll give you some suggestions that can be a specific tangible goal or a goal based on a foundational habit (key habits we need to have in place in order to work in our dream projects).

This all happens inside the mastermind Trello board.

What kind of goals can I establish?

Really any kind. Here are some examples of what we've had inside the group.

Launch a website. Launch a product. Get out of debt. Meditate everyday. Prep weekly food. Batch social media posts. Create newsletter freebies. Declutter. Take daily walks. Take an online class previously bought. Pitch art buyers. Illustrate and write a book. Drink lemon water every morning. Focus on self care. Study for an exam.

Why is it important for me to subscribe to the Mastermind?

Following through consistently with the habits that build your character and the actions to take to follow your dreams very often requires the support of a community. It's so easy to get distracted, discouraged, overwhelmed, anxious and challenged along the way.

A community of like-minded and like-souled people offers you accountability, new perspective, creative ideas, tools and systems to use and replicate along the way of your evolution. Most importantly it gives you the space to notice and learn from your own journey versus your goal.

Will we receive help/guidance in the administrative area (report/paying taxes) in the Mastermind?

Yes, there are a lot of business specific topics always going on in the mastermind. You will get specific guidance, specially if it relates to your weekly reports/goals.

Thank you so much Dari for your kind, gentle and holistic support in my personal journey to create healthy creative habits in my life. I enjoyed your non- judgemental and empathetic approach to support me as well as the others in the accountability group.

Melanie Gooi | Artist

Aside for being extremely grateful in the participation of last months mastermind, I would like to add that Dari has a real gift for guidance in helping women find their true potential.

Linda Garcia | Pranic Healer and Podcaster

Thank you Dari for the opportunity to be here I was able to create time for habits, and to keep a routine based on my goals, that is very powerful. It was a pleasure to be here.

Johana Toro | Artist and Civil Engineer

When taking the mastermind course, I enjoyed the support throughout each week from Dari and the other girls in the group. Dari noticed patterns where I get stuck and coached me along to keep me on track to meeting my goal for the month. I have looked back to that coaching and I'm now able to recognize those patterns and be nicer to myself when it happens and keep going! Since participating in the mastermind, I have gotten more organized and I have been sending out my work more regularly to potential clients.

Julz Nally | Artist and Illustrator

Thank you Dari for showing this [batching]. It makes a lot of sense and I think I might start that too. It’s well organized and I’m more visual opposed to writing it out. This will help me out a lot.

Manni Singh | Artist and Illustrator

As a Momma who is working so hard to get things up and running having this advice in a video that I can play while I am doing artwork is priceless and worth the cost of the mastermind in and of itself. I am so sorry that I am quiet and it's not what I want but I am really getting a lot out of this group the past two months and the silent accountability that it has given me has pushed me harder than anything yet. This has been a really good thing. Thanks, Dari!

Linda Garcia | Pranic Healer and Podcaster

Participating in this Mastermind forced me to take steps that I never take: assign certain tasks to each week, estimate how much time I will spend each week, report my progress (no matter if it is positive or negative), etc. The truth is, these steps—and my investment in getting this task completed this month—were what was necessary to complete the job. I can clearly see why I fail to accomplish my vague goals, and I have a much better idea of how to accomplish them, either on my own or with group support.

Kathy Cornwell | Writer and Editor

Dariana is a gift to this universe and having her help guide me was something I will always remember and use as an anchor when I lose my way. She is a lovely person and an inspiration and I am so lucky to have her in my life. I will definitely sign up for this in the future.

Bernie Dickson | Photographer and Designer