Channeling Sessions

The process of channeling I practice is called coning. When I open a coning is like I’m making a conference call among different entities. It feels like we are all interacting simultaneously in a balanced vortex. Depending on the purpose and intention of the session, different highly evolved souls who are dedicated to assisting the evolutionary process of moving universal reality through all planes and levels of form, show up together with other devas and our higher self to guide you in specific matters. It’s the ultimate act of co-creating with the universe and the realization that we are, without a doubt, the universe in and of itself.

I started learning about this channeling method in January 2015; I expanded my process by incorporating my clairvoyant, oracle, and visioning skills. This method became the organic way I connect to spirit. In 2017 I started experimenting with channeling sessions for close friends and family members who reported experiencing great insights and guidance from the process.

Who are these sessions for?

I recommend a channeling session for people who already have a strong relationship with their intuition or are starting to cultivate one. The sessions are meant to give you an add on guidance from source and your higher self on situations that require a decision-making process. They can help you determine what path to take at a specific moment in time and, most times, give you many insights into other areas of your life.

If you would like to listen to an example of how I deliver my sessions, you can listen to this episode from “Let there be Luz” where she breaks down a session I did for her. You can also listen to THIS episode for what the session revealed years later.

The sessions aren’t meant to predict the future, nor are they intended to substitute or override what’s already clear and defined from your gut feelings. It’s helpful to approach the session with questions that come from choosing alternatives you already envision versus asking for “how-tos” or “whys.” “Why is this happening to me?” isn’t as effective as “Is this option I’ve been considering in my highest good?”

Sometimes the message can be abstract, it’s essential to approach it with a healthy level of trust and to take it as a clue that with time might show other colors and add to your story in ways that you aren’t able to see immediately after the session. 

How does it work?

☽ My channeling sessions go for as long as I receive the download. I have noticed that the usual time is an hour or more. However, sometimes I keep receiving insights after I close the coning. If the case, I’ll share them with you (via email) even after the session ended. It’s all very organic. 

☽ The sessions happen via Zoom video call. I perform the sessions remotely from my home, and you’ll be able to record the session on your computer. You are welcome to show on video or without video.

☽ My sessions cost $280.00. Once you register for your session, you will be asked to fill out a quick form that will help guide you on how to ask your questions in preparation for our call. And it will also prompt you to give me permission to access your higher self. You can ask “follow up” questions during the session.

☽ You can also purchase a session as a gift for someone else: To purchase gift certificate go >>HERE<<